Where in the World is…

A Luxury Resort Getaway in Nuevo Vallarta

OK, that is probably a reference that will go over the head of any of you who did not have a child in the ’90’s. It refers to a show called “Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego”, which was broadcast on PBS to help kids build geography knowledge. I am using it to introduce my latest vacation destination.

Here are your clues:

  • This location sits to the south of
  • It borders Banderas Bay
  • It sits in a complex surrounded by resorts like, the Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace and the Grand Luxxe.

Some of you, who my guess would be are older than dirt, were reaching for your Encyclopedia Britannica. The rest of you, who still chew your food, probably reached for your smart phone and know that I am talking about Nuevo Vallarta!

My father-in-law was able to take advantage of a special rate through his time share company and secure us a huge suite at the Residence at the Grand Luxxe. It was a fabulous facility and probably the largest room I have ever stayed in. Our bedroom alone was probably larger than most places I have stayed.

While I don’t think many folks are going to have a chance to stay in this type of room, it is good to think about why this kind of opportunity popped up. This room was available at an awesome rate because:

  • September is part of the low season for Puerto Vallarta. September has a good amount of rain and the standard rule applies that if the kids are in school, rates are lower.
  • There was a lot of maintenance going on. Half of our building and several attractions, including the Lazy River, were closed.
  • The deal was offered to my father-in-law through his timeshare company. Since this resort is primarily a time share facility, their best market is people who own a timeshare.

Remember, most timeshares have excess capacity, so you can find availability for rent, just like a hotel. I can book these resorts for you and bundle air to complete your vacation.

You might wonder how these factors impacted our vacation. We had some good thunderstorms throughout the week but it only impacted our plans on one afternoon. You will notice that several of my pictures have overcast skies.  A positive factor was that the crowds were small and we didn’t have problems like lines or problems getting reservations.

One thing that people always worry about when visiting a timeshare is that you are going to get the high-pressure sales pitch. We were offered several opportunities to attend a sales presentation and receive discounts or spa services but the calls were pleasant and professional. I never felt pressure. I don’t really have an interest in time shares so I politely declined.

The great thing about this location is that you can take advantage of the amenities of your resort and the partner resorts. There are some restrictions, based on which resort your accommodations are located but all the of the restaurants and most of the pools are open to your enjoyment. Those accommodations include a beautiful golf course, a full-service spa, many great restaurants and a private beach.

The Residence at the Grand Luxxe is one resort in a huge complex of resorts owned by Grupo Vidanta, a major developer of resorts in Mexico. The entire complex is huge and all of the resorts are connected by a golf cart paths that are serviced by a fleet of shuttles.

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The size of the complex provides the guest to pick from a variety of price points and accommodations based you their needs. As an example, the Grand Mayan appeals to families because of the wonderful pool area, the lazy river and other family friendly facilities.

I had a great time at this resort and highly recommend it. The restaurants are numerous and cater to every type of cuisine you can imagine. My personal favorite was Azur, which offered wonderful French cuisine. We actually dined their twice.

The facilities are well maintained and the service is wonderful and I was amazed at the landscaping. There must be a small army of gardeners keeping the grounds looking pristine.

If I had a complaint, it would be that this is an incredibly well maintained, safe, manicured bubble. You leave the airport in a shuttle, you get shuttled around a wonderful resort and you don’t really experience much of Mexico. That can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. It was great for a week but I must admit, I do enjoy finding an out of the way cantina where the locals serve awesome local food and ice-cold beer!