There is one trait about people that is universal and universally frustrating. People often let politeness dominate their inquisitiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for rudeness. But there are times when asking a polite question might provide a great opportunity to learn something important.

I wish more people would ask me why I think it is important to use travel agents. The reason is that I truly believe a good travel agent adds value in so many ways. I recently read a great article that laid out those reasons – 10 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent In 2017, by Cheryl Rosen.

My two favorite reasons: I will save you time and I will give you peace of mind.

Time is easy. Frankly, you have better things to do than learning vacation stuff that you’ll use one time. As a travel agent, I’ve studied that information, use it frequently, and update it on a regular basis. You might not think much about what brands of all-inclusive resorts cater to families but it is a question I ask of every vendor at every conference.

Peace of mind is a little different. It means something different for every one of us. We all worry about things… we just all worry about different things. I think when you read the article, you will find something that resonates with you, something you worry about. Getting rid of worry is my job. I want you to move from worry to joyful anticipation. You probably only plan one vacation a year. I plan them all day long. Give me a call and don’t worry… I got this.