OK. I admit it. There are some things I am a snob about. I will give you two that my wife has pointed out to me recently. Steaks and bourbon.

Steak to me is one of those luxuries that I don’t eat frequently. I will admit to drinking more Manhattans than steaks. I have gotten a lot of complements on both from friends and family. I am going to let you in on a secret. If you start with good ingredients, it is a lot easier to pull off good results.

I do get a little picky when I go shopping. Could I get a lesser cut of meat? Yes. But if you get a good cut of meat, you are much more likely to end up with a good steak. So, yes, I pay more for a good cut of steak. If that makes me a snob…I guess I will own that! (And if you enjoy a great steak – or pork, poultry and other savories – I highly recommend Ponderosa Meats just west of 185th and Canyon.)

Now, what might all this have to do with travel? Much like steaks and cocktails, sometimes it pays to spend a little more. Sometimes, the step up to luxury pays big returns. This came to mind when I was looking at a luxury brochure that Dream Vacations recently published. It you want to take a look, you will find it here, http://bit.ly/2F4F6dqYou can also check out my website for some of the savings you can capture on current luxury offerings: http://ow.ly/DfYu30iptIv.

There are some great offers in this piece from some of the best cruise lines in the world. You are still going to pay more than you would booking one of the big cruise lines, but you will get an experience that the big cruise lines just can’t offer. You will find smaller ships that are designed to cater to you. You will find unique ports that can’t accommodate larger ships. You will find longer itineraries that don’t rush you from port to port. You will find experiences that are rare and deserve to be treasured.

And here is one other secret, you will find value. Many luxury products include in their price many amenities that you get charged for on other lines. Things like shore excursions, bar drinks and wine, pre-cruise hotels, ground transportation, specialty dining and gratuities. The potential savings can be significant.

So take my advice. Have some steak every once in a while. Drink a smooth Manhattan. Reward yourself on that next big anniversary! You might tell yourself you don’t deserve it but I am pretty confident your spouse does! Call me and let’s find a rare experience on a luxury cruise line!